About Us

Bill Mori, formerly of Mori Nurseries Ltd., in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Canada, has long been a prominent figure in the in the Canadian horticultural scene.

When in early 2014 Bill was presented with the opportunity to launch the Mori Green Living Fences as a business independent of the Nursery, his decision was easily made.  The enormous success of this Green product in Europe is translating very successully to the North American market.

The product line has now been expanded to include the very popular planter series, an immediate success with residential customers who want to instantly transform their patio or their deck to a green oasis, as well as with restaurants that want to provide their customers with a warm, private and natural outdoor environment.

Look to this site for further introductions.  For the interiorscaper and for special events, green living fence planters, utilizing ivies specifically chosen for indoor placements are currently being propagated and will be available this winter!